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Only the best is good enough for your pet

We understand that all too well. Unfortunately, pets get sick too. With our pet insurance your pet is insured just as good as you are. This way, your best friend gets the care he needs, and you won’t be faced with any financial surprises. 


What real pet parents are saying:

Unfortunately, something went wrong last year when taking out insurance. The Figo staff then helped me very well and thought with me, both on the phone and via email. Very satisfied!
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Hannah + Milo
I always thought insurance would be mostly a lot of hassle, but it's not that bad. Plus, I get a quick response when I submit something, and the payout is smooth. I am very satisfied.

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Lukas + Bruno
Filed several returns already, always exactly right. I've incurred quite a few expenses with my Bobbie, and it's great when the returns are processed and paid out quickly when the bill is high!
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Sandra + Buddie
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What do we cover?

Your pet is unique, and so should be your pet insurance. That’s why Figo offers different additional coverages, and you choose what your insurance looks like. You also determine the reimbursement rate and annual benefit entirely yourself. 

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Every age, all breeds – lifelong


Preventative & emergency budget

Raadplegingen medicatie

Consultation, diagnosis, medication, treatments & surgeries

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Unlimited free veterinary consultations via video

Speciale behandelingen

Special treatments & diagnostics

Alternatieve behandelingen

Holistic & alternative treatments

What else is included?

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Preventive care

Expert consults

First vet

We want the best care for your pet. That’s why our pet insurance includes unlimited  online consultations with FirstVet. 

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Design your pet's plan in less than 60 seconds

The Figo surgical cost protection insurance

The best possible medical care for your pet in case of a necessary surgery. We cover all costs for needed surgeries under anesthesia – up to the maximum fee, according to the German Veterinary Fee Schedule. Also valid in EU countries.

Katze versicherung

What is insured?


Frequently Asked Questions

About our pet insurance 

Pet insurance is basically health insurance for your pet. This insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended by veterinarians and breeders, among others. Pet insurance covers the most common veterinary expenses for a low monthly fee (the premium). 

Veterinary costs can be high, and that weighs extra on your wallet if they are also unexpected. Pet insurance covers most unexpected medical expenses. This way, your pet gets the care he needs, and you avoid having to pay the entire vet bill yourself. 

As your pet gets older, the risk of diseases also increases. Does your pet already have a certain condition? If so, depending on its severity, we may not accept your pet for insurance. A temporary or lifetime clause for this condition may also be included in the policy. 

Example: You would like to have your dog insured with us. He is 5 years old and suffered knee problems 2 years ago. In that case, you can insure your dog with us, but not for unexpected medical expenses related to his knee problems.  

Younger pets generally have fewer or no pre-existing conditions, so the likelihood of exclusions is lower. That’s why it’s smart to insure your pet at a young age. 

In addition, it is also better for your wallet. This is because the price of pet insurance is based, among other things, on the age of the animal. The younger your pet, the lower the premium. So be there early!

Je älter Dein Haustier wird, desto wahrscheinlicher werden Erkrankungen oder Vorbelastungen.

Hat Dein Haustier eine Vorerkrankung?
Wenn dies der Fall ist kann es sein, dass eine zeitlich begrenzte oder lebenslange Klausel für diese Erkrankung in die Versicherungs-Police aufgenommen wird. Oder das Tier nur noch mit einem OP-Kostenschutz abgesichert werden kann.

Beispiel: Du willst Deinen 5 Jahre alten Hund mit Knieproblemen, die er vor 2 Jahren hatte, heute versichern. Du kannst Deinen Hund zwar weiterhin bei uns versichern, aber Du kannst ihn nicht für unerwartete medizinische Kosten im Zusammenhang mit seinen Knieproblemen versichern.

Jüngere Haustiere haben in der Regel weniger oder gar keine Vorerkrankungen und sind daher weniger anfällig für einen Ausschluss. Deshalb ist es ratsam, Dein Haustier schon in jungen Jahren zu versichern.

Es ist auch besser für Deinen Geldbeutel. Die Kosten für die Versicherung Deines Haustieres richten sich u. a. nach seinem Alter. 

Figo is the only pet insurance company in the Netherlands where you can insure not only dogs and cats but also rabbits and parrots. The animal must be at least 7 weeks old, and you must be the owner. 

Pets must be healthy when taking out pet insurance. If your pet already has a certain condition, it can be excluded from coverage through a so-called clause. This can be temporary (for example, for six months) or lifelong. Our experts consider individually for each pet what coverage we can offer, considering the animal’s medical history. 

All dogs, cats, rabbits, and parrots are welcome at Figo. We do not have an age limit. 

An accident always comes unexpectedly. Therefore, it is wise to insure all your pets against accidents and illness. Moreover, we encourage owners to treat their pets responsibly. Therefore, starting from the second insured pet, you get a 5% discount on the premiums of all your insured pets. 


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