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Avoid unexpected veterinary costs and take out dog insurance today.

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Insure your dog

Avoid unexpected vet bills

Just like people, dogs can get sick unexpectedly or have an accident. Your dog then deserves the best care available. With Figo, your dog will get the medical care he needs, and you won’t have any financial surprises. 

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Dog insurance customized by you

Your dog is unique so should be your dog insurance. That’s why Figo offers different additional coverages, and you choose what your insurance looks like. You also determine the reimbursement rate and annual benefit entirely yourself. 

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Our dog insurance makes a big difference

We pay the vet bill, so you and your pet can get back to playtime.

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Design your pet's plan in less than 60 seconds

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What does Figo cover?

Your pet is unique, and so should be your pet insurance. That’s why Figo offers different additional coverages, and you choose what your insurance looks like. You also determine the reimbursement rate and annual benefit entirely yourself. 

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Every age, all breeds – lifelong


Preventative & emergency budget

Raadplegingen medicatie

Consultation, diagnosis, medication, treatments & surgeries

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Unlimited free veterinary consultations via video

Speciale behandelingen

Special treatments & diagnostics

Alternatieve behandelingen

Holistic & alternative treatments

What else is included?

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Preventive care

Expert consults

First vet

We want the best care for your pet. That’s why our pet insurance includes unlimited  online consultations with FirstVet. 

Better safe than sorry

Additional coverage for your dog's insurance

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Castration and sterilization
We cover the cost of preventive castration and sterilization. The maximum reimbursement is 350.

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We cover medically necessary dental examinations or treatments up to a maximum of €500 per year. 

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We cover medically necessary expenses resulting from illness or an accident abroad up to a maximum of €1.000 per year. 

The Figo surgical cost protection insurance

Best possible medical care for your pet in case of a necessary surgery. Covering all costs for necessary surgeries under anesthesia – up to the maximum fee according to the German Veterinary Fee Schedule. Also valid in EU countries.

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What is insured?

What pet parents are saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our dog insurance 

Dog insurance is basically health insurance for your dog. This insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended by veterinarians and breeders With dog insurance, you are insured for a low monthly premium for the most common unexpected medical expenses of your pet. 

Figo dog insurance covers the cost of vet visits, treatments, diagnostic tests, surgeries and medication. Preventive care is also covered. A detailed overview of all benefits can be found in our reimbursement overview. 

Veterinary costs can be high and that puts an extra strain on your wallet when they are also unexpected. With dog insurance, you can ensure your dog for the most unexpected medical costs and get the care it needs. You also avoid paying the entire vet bill yourself. 

Dog insurance costs on average between €15 and €40 per month. There is no general fixed amount.   

You can definitely insure older dogs with Figo. We do not have an age limit. 

From labradoodles to golden retrievers, any breed of dog is welcome with us! The same goes for crossbreeds. 

A dog costs on average € 1.000 per year. That is not to mention the extra costs you incur when your dog gets sick. And believe us: if you are insured, you will save a lot of money when your dog needs medical care. Vet costs can be quite expensive. 

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Design your pet’s plan in less than 60 seconds!